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Our mission is to support children around the globe by facilitating access to knowledge, health and justice; therefore, enriching their lives by satisfying those needs and elementary rights.

The goal is to make a long-lasting impact, as we strive to provide opportunities in the areas of education, well-being and awareness, hence making a difference for this vulnerable segment of our society where to many children are exposed and left alone.

We strive – together with all its representatives and esteemed partners – to capture the unique temporal, emotional, social, and environmental factors to determine – in an ethical, moral, sustainable and responsible way – where, when, and how the support is given.

The mission of Paint a Smile is to reduce anxiety and de-dramatize hospital stays by transforming the cold and impersonal environment of the hospital into a colourful and welcoming world in which to escape and to dream.

The Paint a Smile Foundation is a non-profit NGO (nongovernmental organisation). Based in Geneva, the Paint a Smile Foundation is recognised as being in the public interest. Its mission is to optimise stays in healthcare environments thanks to its colourful paintings and installations specifically designed for such places. It uses its expertise and professionalism to the benefit of hospitalised children, disabled persons in institutions, and our elders in nursing homes.

This decor, developed in consultation with the medical profession, becomes veritable therapy support tools that help relieve and stimulate patients.

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