Meet Cuddlings.WORLD Innovative Cute Teddy Bears

Their interchangeable and innovative small bellies are designed to receive and spread scents to soothe and improve the well-being of children from 3 to over 100 years.

Tummy & Belly Family comes in 5 colors:
Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange and Green

Tummy & Belly Family Caring and Happy Members are designed to ensure a low environmental impact. They are manufactured respecting the highest international quality standards.

The concept consists of a removable ‘belly’ on which you vaporize (2 pushes are enough) an essential oil of your choice.

Once done you just place it back.

Tummy & Belly is now ready to be handed over to your loved ones!

Smell is a key sense that we develop from birth and that has a strong impact on our future. A fact that led botanists to look closely at the peculiarities of plants and their effects on our bodies by simple inhalation.

Aromatherapy uses essences and essential oils extracted from plants that bring you, among many other things, well-being and relaxation when properly used. Their effects are indeed variable. Each plant has its own specificity. This is the reason why the quality is mandatory and that they are to be used the right way to avoid undesirable side-effects.

Each teddy are proposed with 6 « bellies » at choice. It is recommended to use a different « belly » for each perfume or essential oil to avoid mixing the aromatic essences. The specificity of our concept is that it allows you to use one « belly » for each therapeutic virtue. You indeed wish to avoid the plush to be impregnated with numerous aromas and as a result not being able to enjoy an optimized treat.

Design specification

Design: Based on brief with removable 11cm velcro tummy
Size: Sitting Height 30cm
Material: PV Plush & SuperSoft Velboa
EN71 (1,2 & 3) safety standards and come CE marked