Wellness Principals


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Cuddlings.WORLD products are made to enhance the well-being, bring happiness in the family circle, help children in the development of their five senses.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to cure and bring well-being to the person. It is assimilated by an underestimated sense that is the sense of smell.

This is one of the transmission way for the essential oils, allowing to quickly access to the desired effect on the body including but not limited to relaxation, vitalization or even oxygenation.

However we are all different, but with some similarities.

The temperamental Aromatherapy is based on the Hippocratic classification which define 4 different temperaments:

  • the Melancholic

  • the Phlegmatic

  • the Choleric

  • the Sanguine

Each temperament have his own physiological, psychological and behavioral characteristics. In addition this study allows a global and more specific approach of each person to bring the best care to every human being.

The second pillar of research on which we have based the elaboration of the essential oils is the Chromatotherapy, known since antiquity for its good effect on our psychology. It is established that colors have a real action on the state of mind. Each day indeed, we experimented the benefits of Chromotherapy by harmonizing colors according to our mood, the color of the clothes we wear or by painting walls in our home with a new color for example.

The synergy of the temperamental Aromatherapy and the Chromotherapy will have an action on different part of the body and will influence your mind.

By creating 5 different colors and essential oil formulas, we propose to the majority an efficient olfactive care corresponding the best to the desired action:

Relaxation | CUDDLE.Relax

Comfort & Tenderness | CUDDLE.GoodDay

Focus | CUDDLE.Tonic

Appeasement | CUDDLE.GoodNight

Freshness & Protection | CUDDLE.FellGood

Each formula is created by the mixing of 5 essential oils. Together they create an ambience and a unique inertia having specific therapeutic virtues. During the creation process we kept in mind the temperamental Aromatherapy as well as the Chromatotherapy in order to achieve a balanced composition adapted to everyone and seeking for an optimal result.

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