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A nonprofit organization

Part of our heart: as we care, we share!

5% of the revenues of Cuddlings.WORLD goes to Cuddlings.CARE Foundation

Cuddlings.CARE mission is to support children around the globe by facilitating access to knowledge, health and justice; therefore, enriching their lives by satisfying those needs and elementary rights.

The goal is to make a long-lasting impact, as we strive to provide opportunities in the areas of education, well-being and awareness, hence making a difference for this vulnerable segment of our society where to many children are exposed.

The Foundation – as for example – will commit to providing the proper representation in courts, to ensure the proper defense of children’s rights, will encourage access to knowledge and ease access to healthcare, thus building a brighter, happier and safer future for children.

The Foundation will strive – together with all its representatives and esteemed partners – to capture the unique temporal, emotional, social, and environmental factors to determine – in an ethical, moral, sustainable and responsible way – where, when, and how the support is given.