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  • The purpose of our products is to experience in a very friendly, playful and pedagogic way – together or separately – the senses of the touch, the sight, the taste, the smell and the sound.

  • They are meant to be gifts as much as wellness and happiness diffusers, Eco-Friendly recyclable ethical and healthy – up to the packaging that we designed to have 2nd use i.e. a marble box for little Prince or a jewelry box for little Princess.

The initial product catalog focus is on 3 senses: the touch, the sight and the smell.

Meet ‘Tummy & Belly Family’

Cuddlings.WORLD Cute & Caring Teddy Bears

  • Your snugly caring teddies are designed to bring a feeling of well-being thanks to Aromatherapy and Bio-organic essential oils.

  • Their innovative interchangeable centers, diffuse therapeutic aromas to soothe and enhance well-being for children from the age of 3 to +100 years old.

Easy 1, 2, 3 Happy!

  • The concept consists of a removable ‘belly’ on which you vaporize (2 pushes are enough) an essential oil of your choice. Then you just place it back. Tummy & Belly is now ready to be handed over to your loved ones.

Adding value to ordinary so it becomes extraordinary is what we strive for!

World of Wellness & Happiness

Care & Smile 365 Days a Year