Your Wellness, Your Happiness… Make it Your Business!

You are now part of a human adventure where every second of your life is dedicated to being happy and having pleasure in what you do wherever you are with the people of your choice.

Therefore, you agree and commit unconditionally to respect and have others to respect the same way Cuddlings.WORLD Charter!


Cuddlings.WORLD BEcomes the World’s Largest Universal Emotion Generator.


We create an exclusive club of well-being, wellness and happiness that promotes ethical values and high-quality products and services.

Our Specific Missions

  • Cuddlings.WORLD, oriented international, creates and develops a world of wellness and lasting and responsible happiness. Intends to serve society, without discrimination, through deep reflection and unique design of high-quality products and user-friendly services respecting the environment as much as possible.

  • It helps to improve well-being, bring happiness into the family circle and help children develop their five senses.

  • Because of its Eco-responsible commitment, it participates in nature’s respect, economic justice and promotes a culture of peace by complying, as much as possible, with the environmental standards and directives of the Earth Charter aiming for a sustainable global society.


SHARING -> resources, in the universal sense, believing that no lasting and responsible patrimony can be created otherwise.

RESPECT -> for the community of life, the differences, for the Nature, the goods and the people.

JUSTICE -> economic, social, common sense to prevail and for what is basically understood as the good.

CULTURE OF PEACE -> commitment without reserve to working FOR and not AGAINST, with kindness and tolerance.


The fundamental rights:
Be healthy, be happy, simply and freely BE.

In order to ensure a high level of professionalism, customer service and professional ethics in their dealings with consumers, Cuddlings.WORLD provides Stakeholders with:

  • Specific information about products and services, sales and marketing methods and a transparent compensation plan.

  • Appropriate training on ethics, marketing and sales practices and field interactions.

  • Cuddlings.WORLD, does not charge any registration fee. The start-up costs are only those inherent in the acquisition by an Intervener of products enabling her/him to demonstrate their use to third parties. It adds only modest fees arising from the use of the technological platform called “SERVICES”. It is forbidden to create an inventory (reserve) of products.

  • Any constraint sale, or by abuse of a dominant position, or by breach of trust, or by misleading advertising, is strictly prohibited and will be sanctioned by the immediate exclusion of the defaulting party. It also results in the loss of all its rights, including the loss of all rights to remuneration.

  • All parties commit to respect the applicable laws in forced in the country in which the activity is registered and unfolds.

In addition, the Interveners must:

  • Respect the wish of the consumer if she/he is interrupting a product demonstration or sales interaction.

  • Market and use the company’s products and services in accordance with the descriptions, instructions and recommendations provided and in accordance with the company’s guidelines, respecting its principles, including ethics and morals.

  • Provide a receipt from the company allowing the consumer to retract an order within a period normally prescribed by law, in most cases from 3 to 7 days, depending on the place where the sale founds its legal jurisdiction.


  • The articles of the company Cuddlings.WORLD Corporation are available, depending on the circumstances and reasons given. They prevail over all rights and obligations, as stipulated in the legal documents, available on the internet site (s) of Cuddlings.WORLD Corporation, its affiliates, its associates, its representatives, its branches and its partners.

  • The Means: all legal means in force, good faith and common sense.

  • Any dispute, as much as possible, will be the subject of an amicable settlement.

Application for membership: only by means of an enrollment form available, either from an Authorized Intervener, or by the form provided on the official website of the company, such one only having value of a contract with Cuddlings.WORLD Corporation.