Does financial security mean a lot to you?

Fly up there and earn from 20% up to + 50% of your sales revenue!

Before doing anything, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I really like people?

  2. Am I willing to learn?

  3. Am I willing to work?

  4. Am I capable of being my own boss?

If your answers are yes…
You can turn your dreams into reality! ❤️🦋

Your Wellness, Your Happiness…
Make it Your Business!

You decide of the height you wish to fly!
You decide whether you want to create a part-time income through simple retail sales or build a full-time business.

We support you, we train you, we show you the basic and easy steps using a specially and carefully designed stairway to ‘BEcome’ successful and enjoy what you do.

We provide you with a full service allowing to start easily and manage simply and efficiently your new independent business.
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Compensation Plan

Online Version



No sophisticated math’s or complex formulas where you get lost at the 3rd line

Cuddlings.WORLD Compensation Plan is based on brokerage Principals where every individual can easily understand, convey and explain how it works.

All commissions are cumulative from bottom to top.

When one or more grades of function are missing between two interveners the commission that should have been given to these missing grades are attributed to the higher intervener, so that there is an accumulation of the commission percentage to her/him.


If a Bear recruits a Cuddler he will get 38% (thirty-eight) commission and if a Bear recruits a Dolphin he will get 18% (eighteen) overhead on the Dolphin’s sales.


Anybody at whichever level who is brilliant at what s/he does can be selected at anytime by the Management of the Company to be part of the Masters’ Team.

S/He will grant the Company free rights to use all videos of their performances and as long as – their video is used by the Company or – they serve the Company by animating events, boot-camps or otherwise required by the Company.

The Masters’ Team is entitled to a SPECIAL 1% BONUS of the Net Company’s Revenue. Such 1% will be equally shared among the MASTERS.